Monday, November 22, 2010

The Cleaned Out Garage!

Hey guys sorry we haven't blogged in a VERY LONG time hee hee. Lost of you may know that we cleaned out our garage and now we can fit a car in it. Its been 25 years since we have gotten a car to fit in the garage. Wow we barely finished in time for the big winter storm that is still going. It has taken 3 whole days of working (not kidding). We have been getting all the boxes and junk and dad's other stuff and took it back to our building in the back. I bet we took like 500 loads back there but we had the truck and the four-wheeler and the cart, and still took forever.
Brr its cold out side we just got like 2 inches of snow and yeah haha.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Elyse's Update

Its time to update everyone on what has been going on. I have been workind quite hard on making sure that I am doing all I can to finish school yet still be able to pay bills and live. My schooling and UCMT, Utah college of Massage Therapy, is coming to an end. I will be graduating in 5 weeks!!! And then off to my Masters program for another 10! I'm quite scared to be in the real world. This all came out too fast! But I am very excited and can't wait to start help make a difference in the world! Along with finishing school I have been working my full time job to pay off my car!! Which I am so excited to announce that it is fully paid off!! And all in less than a year! Whoot Whoot! The good news is that is one less thing to worry about! For my next trick I will pay off my student loan...hahaha
Along with trying to keep up with work and school I have also been trying to have a social life...which includes going to see Avenue almost every weekend...and some how trying to have a relationship with a boy...which is not going so well...but I'm still trying to work things out. Cross you fingers and pray for me! lol
Well as for now thats all I do..but if anything else comes up I will let you all know!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arrow of Light

Jacob had to work really hard just before his birthday, but he finished all of the requirements needed to earn his Webelos badge in scouting and the highest award in Cub Scouts--the Arrow of Light. We were just transferred to a new ward, so we finished up in the Fairfield Ward, and Jacob's new leader from the Layton Hills ward attended the ceremony to welcome him into the Scouting program. I can hardly believe my last boy is finished with cubs. We are getting closer to joining the birds (eagle) nest with all of his brothers. Congratulations Jacob

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Elyses Best Friend photos

So for Denise's birthday, She's my Hispanic best friend, Ange, the red headed best friend, and I kiddnapped Denise changed her shirt and took her to do a best friend photo shoot. Thanks to a good friend Brittni Willie, we were able to do it in such short notice, and have amazing pictures! I promised a few people that I would put these pictures up for everyone to see. So here is a slide show of them all. I love them! I also just wanna say that no matter what I love these two girls to death, they are my bestest friends ever! They have been there for me more than anyone knows. They may be emotional, hot tempered, crazy, wild, blunt, whatever you can think of, but they are the most caring people, and we would do anything for each other. We know all of each others secrets, trials, joys, likes and dis likes. I don't think we will ever be separated as long as we all have a say in it! I love them to death! and I'm so glad I have great friends like these two girls!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Project is Complete

Since Jensson and Jacob needed a family project to complete their Family Life Merit Badge, I thought I would find one I needed help with. I "sold" it to the boys and for some reason they didn't even complain at my "project". If you knew you would be digging out the park strip, how many of you would jump for joy. Of course, I think the fact that it was all of us made it sound a little easier, but I can tell you after digging for hours, it was not. I was amazed at how hard these boys worked and yesterday we finished digging and loading gravel into the park strip next to the road.

Jacob took this candid video of us working. It is really typical of how we work. We all thought that Dad was leaving, because we were so hard to get along with, but he really did come back--with a pick ax because the dirt was just like cement.

It took us quite a few days, as we would work while the park strip was shady. After we finished digging out the dirt, we needed to fill up the space with gravel, which was in the back yard. Well, we tried shoveling gravel one day and decided that was just too hard. Jeff agreed and said he would move the gravel with a Bobcat. Boy, was that a lot easier. It only took about a weeks worth of work, but we waited for the Bobcat until now to finish the job. At least we can check another job off-- finished!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The busyness of my life

Ok so a lot has happened since my mom posted a blog about me. There are pleanty of things that none of you know. So here goes my life story...well the last month or so of it Well you all know I graduated, but many of you don't know that I tore my elbow ligament, and chiped my bones in my elbow two weeks before gradutation...and it was mom and dad's anniversery...oops the best part is I did that on the trampoline at my "boyfriends" friends house....k so that brings me to my next story..Chris..hahah oh man what a jerk! ok so I met him at mojos,(one of my favorite places to chill and listen to music) and he seemed nice, sure he smoked and drank but he was giving it up...right....well he quite cigerettes the day he met me, and he was head over heels for me. To bad it didn't go both ways huh? He started hanging out with me everynight keeping up til 1 in the morning on school nights, so I was dead tired all the time, then he took me to meet his mom...oh and told all his friends and family I was his girlfriend...mind you that we'd never talked about finally I told him that he couldn't call me that and I also "loved" someone else..oh boy was he pissed! He YELLED at me for and hour about that one.....then he was sick so I had to take care of him...mind you this all happened in two weeks...then the next couple weeks went a little better with him until my dear friend Ange informed me that he had gone to his friends party and had been smoking and drinking...oh well he told me that he hadn't...yeah pretty much I was done with his.......butt! lol So I retrieved a few things from his house that I had left there, called him up and told him it wasn't working out, and it'd be best if we went our separte ways, he said ok and left it at that. There is way to much to this story to tell all the details, but basically he's not as gone as I thought, he text me while I was girls camp...yes I know me at girls camp? shocker! lol anyway and he got mad cuz I was there then he wanted to hang and I said I'd see but I had work and my mom was getting pretty strict, of course he got mad at mom saying that she has no right..blah blah blah..well I stood up for mom and said that she was just looking out for me and that I still lived in her house so yeah! well he hasn't bugged me far...k next is I'm on driving probation for a year....well shows how bad a driver I am...actually just how fast I 2 speeding tickets in 6 months...and an improper look out like two years ago....shows how much I take after my brothers...its ok though guys I promise I've been driving slower now, I kinda need my The last thing is that I'm finally getting used to some of life and realizing it sucks and is freaking how do you all do it!! But the good news is that I'm finally realizing what I want, where I wanna be, and I'm taking the steps nessecary to get there. I decided that I'm going to go to Steven Henager and use my scholarship money from them, go into business and then we'll see if I wanna stay there. Then maybe when I'm done with that school or while I'm going to that school I'll start massage school as well, and possible open my own business..or start a family owned one! so you guys better be getting ready I'll need you help! and knowing all you, your wondering what about guys in my life...well currently there are I liked, Eli, he's catholic by the way...
is in cali...and is moving to washington for school after he finishs working at this camp, I got rid of Chris, Micah and I are just friends for now... he doesn't want girls...and he wants to get ready for his year...anyway so I'm just hanging out with some guy friends sometimes, so if anyone wants to set me go for anyways I'm going to a see my friends play in their band tonight at weber state (Avenue) so maybe I'll remember to update later! Love you all!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Elyse has really shown what she is made of. This year she finished 9th and 12th grades with a 4.0. It was a little iffy in February, but she made up all her credits that she didn't have after going to a private school before high school. Plus she was working about 25 hours a week. Now she has graduated she is able to breathe a little without so much stress. Just wait until real life hits her. She has also been promoted by DownEast to the Corporate office as their Loss Prevention person and she will be traveling (in a company car) to all the stores on the Wasatch Front. Plus they gave her a laptop. I think that is alot of responsibility for a 18-year old. She is capable and maybe she will do really well in the corporate field. She loves the work and may go into business along with her hopes of becoming a massage therapist. We're hoping that she will now have time to update her own part on the blog so you can see life through her eyes. Since school is out her social life is changing, but at least alot of boys are still texting.